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The Leprecoin.Com started in my mind one sleepless night.

I talked about it with few friends and they all voted YES.

All that was left to do was to convince the Leprecoin to share his treasure.

I followed the rainbow and went to meet the little guy, I told him all about the new world out there and he was stunned by the Internet.

The next time I went to see him I brought my laptop over.

That was it !!! He let me in !!!

Since then Leprecoin.com has specialized in selling Gold and Silver bullion online.

We are dedicated to sell you a great Investment, for you or your love ones.

I promise you are going to love the Leprecoin's little treasures.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.



I don't like online payments! How do I pay ? You can fax or mail us your payment.

Can you mail the gift directly to my dad ? Certainly, we can also attach a gift card.

What if I want to send a few gifts to a few different people? After you make a purchase simply send us an email with all the addresses and quantities.

What are the dates of the silver coins? The coins are 1964 and EARLIER.

How much pure silver I'm getting? 1964 and earlier coins contain 90% pure silver.

What is pcgs and ngc? Pcgs and ngc are the leading third party grading services.

Are graded coin guaranteed ? Yes, both ngc and pcgs guarantee their grade.

What is the grade for the bullion bags ? The bullion bags are not graded, they are sold by the silver weight.

Can you ship the coins internationally ? Yes we do, though shipping cost may vary.

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